Hygrosens Python Library

Hygrosens manufactures a number of sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, light level, pressure. Their devices use a common serial data format for a wide variety of sensors, include 1-wire sensors from Dallas. This library reads the output from Hygrosens devices and passes it to a calling function as a hash. I have included an example that outputs the readings in human readable format, and another that stores the readings into a MySQL database.

Humidity Sensor

Humidity/Temperature sensor

Weather Station

Weather station with temperature, humidity (relative and absolute), light level and pressure. The 9V battery adapter is my own modification for my 9V wall-wart power supply.

Current Version
Previous Versions

Sample Output

Temperature    : 21.75C
Rel. Humidity  : 30.84%
Dew Point      : 3.81C
Abs. Humidity  : 5.90%
Light Level    : 12
Light Level    : 0
Light Level    : 0
Light Level    : 0
Pressure       : 100194.38
Release Notes
  • v0.5 - Initial release with working class library and examples. Not enough documentation has been written yet.
  • v0.6 - Added weather.py example to graph the output from the weather station using RRDtool graphs

Hygrosens Documents The Hygrosens website is all in German, which I don't read. Here are english copies of some of their documentation