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Author: Brian C. Lane <>
Date:   Wed,  9 Jun 2021 07:23:52 -0700

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,47 @@ +# Self hosting git repositories as static html pages + +The [stagit project]( +generates static html pages for your git repositories. You can even set it up +as a remote so that pushing to it will update the pages and copy them to +wherever you are hosting your domain. + +* Check out `git://` and run make +* Install the binary to a location in your `$PATH` +* Create a top level directory to hold the stagit copy of the repos. This is called `reposdir` in `setup-stagit-remote`. +* Copy the `*.png` files from the stagit repository to `reposdir` or use your own. +* Copy the `post-receive` script somewhere outside the `stagit-files` repo so that it can be customized. +* Edit the `setup-stagit-remote` script: +** set `reposdir` to the directory you created to hold the repos. +** set `post_receive` to the path of the copy of the script. +* Edit the copy of the `post-receive` script: +** Set BASEURL to where you are serving the git repos from +** `RSYNC_DEST` if you want to use the `rsync` at the end of the file to copy them over +** `reposdir` to match the `reposdir` from setup-stagit-remote +** Check the rsync at the end of the script and replace with your own upload method if needed. + +*WARNING* Do not put sensitive information in the post-receive script, it is uploaded to the html +server as part of the git repository and is exposed to the world. + +The `reposdir` should *not* be the same directory as your normal repos. It will +contain bare clones of them and only be used to build the html pages and upload +them to your html server. Multiple repos will be under this directory, with an +`index.html` file pointing to them. + +The `setup-stagit-script` only supports `master` and `main` branches, if you +have named the `master` branch something else edit the script and add it to the +case that currently only matches `origin/main`. + + +# Setup a new repo + +`cd` to the working directory of one of your repos and check out the primary +branch. Then run `setup-stagit-remote`. It will prompt you to enter a +description of the project, this will be displayed on the html pages. It will +then make a bare clone of the repo and add a new remote, named `stagit`, to +your git config for this repo. + +You can now run `git push stagit master` and it will push to the `$reposdir` +repo, run `stagit` on it, and upload it to your html server. + +Now you can visit your webpage, and test cloning one of the repos to make sure +everything is working. diff --git a/post-receive b/post-receive @@ -0,0 +1,80 @@ +#!/bin/sh +# generic git post-receive hook. +# change the config options below and call this script in your post-receive +# hook or symlink it. +# +# usage: $0 [name] +# +# if name is not set the basename of the current directory is used, +# this is the directory of the repo when called from the post-receive script. + +# NOTE: needs to be set for correct locale (expects UTF-8) otherwise the +# default is LC_CTYPE="POSIX". +export LC_CTYPE="en_US.UTF-8" + +name="$1" +if test "${name}" = ""; then + name=$(basename "$(pwd)") +fi + +# config +# paths must be absolute. +BASEURL="" +RSYNC_DEST="" +reposdir="$HOME/stagit-repos" + +dir="${reposdir}/${name}" +htmldir="${reposdir}" +stagitdir="/" +destdir="${htmldir}${stagitdir}" +cachefile=".htmlcache" +# /config + +if ! test -d "${dir}"; then + echo "${dir} does not exist" >&2 + exit 1 +fi +cd "${dir}" || exit 1 + +# detect git push -f +force=0 +while read -r old new ref; do + test "${old}" = "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000" && continue + test "${new}" = "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000" && continue + + hasrevs=$(git rev-list "${old}" "^${new}" | sed 1q) + if test -n "${hasrevs}"; then + force=1 + break + fi +done + +printf "[%s] stagit HTML pages... " "${name}" + +mkdir -p "${destdir}/${name}" +cd "${destdir}/${name}" || exit 1 + +# remove commits and ${cachefile} on git push -f, this recreated later on. +if test "${force}" = "1"; then + rm -f "${cachefile}" + rm -rf "commit" +fi + +# make index. +stagit-index "${reposdir}/"*/ > "${destdir}/index.html" + +# Create the URL for clone +echo "${BASEURL}/${name}" > url +git update-server-info + +# make pages. +stagit -c "${cachefile}" "${reposdir}/${name}" + +ln -sf log.html index.html +ln -sf ../style.css style.css +ln -sf ../logo.png logo.png + +# Update the server +rsync -a "${destdir}/" "${RSYNC_DEST}" + +echo "done" diff --git a/setup-stagit-remote b/setup-stagit-remote @@ -0,0 +1,49 @@ +#!/usr/local/bin/bash +reposdir="$HOME/stagit-repos" +post_receive="$HOME/stagit-files/post-receive" + +if [ ! -e "${post_receive}" ]; then + echo "${post_receive} script is missing" + exit 1 +fi + +name="$(basename "$PWD")" +if [ -e "${reposdir}/${name}" ]; then + echo "Project ${name} already setup" + exit 1 +fi +if git remote|grep -q stagit; then + echo "stagit remote already setup" + exit 1 +fi + +read -p "Enter a description of the ${name} project: " description +if [ -z "${description}" ]; then + echo "Please enter a description" + exit 1 +fi + +# Try to figure out the name of the main/master branch +BRANCH="master" +for b in $(git branch -r); do + case $b in + origin/main) + BRANCH="main" + break + ;; + *) + ;; + esac +done +echo "Using '${BRANCH}' as the name of main branch" + +# Create the bare repo +pushd "${reposdir}" || exit 1 +git init "${name}" -b "${BRANCH}" --bare +echo "${description}" > "${name}/description" +popd || exit 1 + +cp "${post_receive}" "${reposdir}/${name}/hooks" +git remote add stagit "${reposdir}/${name}" + +echo "${name} setup for stagit updates"