A simple SMTP to Maildir delivery agent
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2021-02-21 22:31Listen to localhost by defaultBrian C. Lane1+1-1
2020-03-08 18:04test: Add test for readConfigBrian C. Lane2+32-0
2020-03-08 15:21test: Add test for logDebugfBrian C. Lane1+15-1
2020-03-08 01:36Make changes suggested by linterBrian C. Lane1+1-4
2020-03-08 01:34test: Test the captureOutput functionBrian C. Lane1+94-0
2020-03-07 23:32Change readConfig to use an io.ReaderBrian C. Lane1+9-3
2020-03-07 17:34Add golangci-lint workflowBrian C. Lane1+21-0
2020-03-07 17:31Rename coverage workflow file to coverage.ymlBrian C. Lane1+0-0
2020-03-07 17:19Add coverage reportBrian C. Lane1+29-0
2020-03-07 16:59Add golang build workflowBrian C. Lane1+34-0
2020-02-15 19:00Add -debug cmdline optionBrian C. Lane1+14-7
2020-02-15 16:51Add -log option to cmdlineBrian C. Lane1+18-0
2019-12-31 17:56Add some more function documentationBrian C. Lane1+16-1
2019-12-31 17:47Update README with redirect examplesBrian C. Lane1+31-0
2019-12-31 17:41Change default port to 2525Brian C. Lane1+1-1
2019-12-31 17:39Cleanup go.mod and go.sumBrian C. Lane2+0-15
2019-12-31 17:31Add README.mdBrian C. Lane1+33-0
2019-12-31 17:20Move host parsing into a functionBrian C. Lane1+30-24
2019-12-31 01:41Add email whitelist supportBrian C. Lane1+8-7
2019-12-23 15:56Add BSD 3-clause licenseBrian C. Lane2+43-0
2019-12-23 14:42Very Simple SMTP to Maildir delivery is workingBrian C. Lane4+253-0