A very simple key/value server
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2019-04-06 22:51update .gitignoreBrian C. Lane1+2-0
2019-04-06 22:49Add copyright statementBrian C. Lane1+17-2
2018-09-09 16:29Allow untyped-calls for nowBrian C. Lane1+2-2
2018-05-27 22:45pass correct arguments when calling hourly_save_keystore againBrian C. Lane1+1-1
2018-05-27 22:44Cleanup some pylint warningsBrian C. Lane1+11-8
2017-04-06 14:49Add type annotations and mypy checkBrian C. Lane3+39-34
2017-04-05 22:41Remove args and keystore from global scope.Brian C. Lane2+24-24
2017-04-05 19:09Add testing of the clortho APIBrian C. Lane4+63-1
2017-04-05 15:24Switch to python 3.5 async def syntax.Brian C. Lane2+10-17
2017-04-05 15:02Version 1.1.0Brian C. Lane1+1-1
2017-04-05 14:13Change Content-Type to text/plain and text/htmlBrian C. Lane1+6-6
2016-01-01 01:31Handle ::ffff:IPv4 X-FORWARDED-FOR headerBrian C. Lane1+14-16
2016-01-01 01:26Add keystore/info command and bump to v0.2Brian C. Lane1+12-0
2017-03-12 01:25Version 1.0.0Brian C. Lane1+2-2
2015-01-23 04:30Save the keystore every hourBrian C. Lane1+7-0
2015-01-23 04:02Save keystore on USR1 signalBrian C. Lane1+7-0
2014-12-28 19:29Add README and COPYINGBrian C. Lane3+397-0
2014-12-27 04:59Add /keystore/ prefixBrian C. Lane1+3-3
2014-12-27 02:56Add hard-coded /versionBrian C. Lane1+8-0
2014-12-27 01:32Add requirements.txtBrian C. Lane1+1-0
2014-12-26 23:15Simple key serverBrian C. Lane1+110-0