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2023-12-30 20:16README: Add a bit more about the debug serverBrian C. Lane1+4-0
2023-12-30 20:06README: Add debug portsBrian C. Lane1+6-1
2023-12-30 20:06Add save/recall of last played videoBrian C. Lane2+24-2
2022-11-23 15:33README: Use https in link urlsBrian C. Lane1+2-2
2023-05-29 21:36Always set the valid flagbcl1+1-1
2022-11-20 16:51Update function documentationBrian C. Lane2+49-10
2022-11-19 20:19MainScene: Organize and document the functionsBrian C. Lane1+168-96
2022-11-19 19:41Update the README for changes in this versionBrian C. Lane1+42-38
2022-11-19 19:02debugUtils: Remove unused variable from PrintAnyAABrian C. Lane1+0-1
2022-11-19 19:00Move debug functions to debugUtils.brsBrian C. Lane2+105-99
2022-11-19 18:58Remove unused XML functionsBrian C. Lane1+0-193
2022-11-19 18:47Remove old non-SceneGraph codeBrian C. Lane5+0-737
2022-11-19 16:56Simplify metadata setup for playbackBrian C. Lane1+12-17
2022-11-19 16:56Use ContentNode for the metadataBrian C. Lane1+48-33
2022-11-18 14:51Fix handling of end of playbackBrian C. Lane1+9-5
2022-11-18 03:43Add using keystore to save playback positionBrian C. Lane3+102-6
2022-11-16 14:48Fix clock size and alignment on WednesdayBrian C. Lane1+1-1
2022-11-16 01:16Add clock and details text at the top of the screenBrian C. Lane2+47-4
2022-11-15 02:39Add Video PlayerBrian C. Lane2+77-5
2022-11-15 01:38Populate PosterGrid with postersBrian C. Lane1+42-15
2022-11-15 01:38Disable reading description fileBrian C. Lane1+4-3
2022-11-15 01:16manifest: Just design for fhd 1920x1280Brian C. Lane1+1-1
2022-11-14 01:36Add GridPanel and postersBrian C. Lane2+23-1
2022-11-14 01:02Add category metadata loadingBrian C. Lane7+193-137
2022-11-14 00:37Switch to PanelSetBrian C. Lane2+20-5
2022-11-13 22:30Add the list of categories to the main screenBrian C. Lane7+106-89
2022-11-13 21:08Add keystore status to MainSceneBrian C. Lane3+8-2
2022-11-13 19:54Server url validation, save and recall of server url are all workingBrian C. Lane4+11-63
2022-11-13 18:40Add url validation taskBrian C. Lane6+72-13
2022-11-13 17:36Setup basic control flow for SetupServerDialogBrian C. Lane7+61-61
2022-11-13 16:30Add loader task startupBrian C. Lane3+46-2
2022-11-13 04:34Add a simple MainSceneBrian C. Lane7+102-3
2022-11-12 19:02Makefile: Update to newest upstream and add FreeBSD tweaksBrian C. Lane2+634-44
2022-06-12 22:50Add Jump To Letters to top rowBrian C. Lane1+155-116
2022-01-01 23:05Merge pull request #7 from bcl/master-play-buttonBrian C. Lane1+19-10
2022-01-01 23:05Merge pull request #8 from bcl/master-load-on-demandBrian C. Lane3+188-17
2018-11-22 00:47Speed up loading unpopulated rows the longer it is idleBrian C. Lane1+7-1
2018-11-21 22:27Switch back to using roGridScreenBrian C. Lane3+182-17
2018-11-19 22:35Fix typo in roPosterScreen typeBrian C. Lane1+1-1
2018-11-14 19:47Add support for starting playback with Play instead of OKBrian C. Lane1+18-9
2018-02-24 23:59Assume a directory of movies if there is no directory type fileBrian C. Lane1+10-9
2017-11-25 00:32Fix Setup menu handlingBrian C. Lane1+19-19
2017-11-24 23:52Update the time when playback finishesBrian C. Lane1+1-0
2017-11-24 22:18Fix Poster Image DisplayBrian C. Lane1+12-12
2017-11-24 21:52Use roPosterScreen instead of roGridScreenBrian C. Lane1+116-106
2017-02-03 05:52Replace XML parsing with regex extraction of the href valueBrian C. Lane1+13-28
2016-10-14 02:41Check the server for Setup-SD.pngBrian C. Lane2+5-1
2015-01-25 15:54Fix 1-off error in screen array and undefined variableBrian C. Lane1+3-2
2015-01-25 15:01Fix poster loading on newer Roku playersBrian C. Lane1+29-21
2014-12-29 00:16Update README with keystore infoBrian C. Lane1+23-0
2014-12-29 00:14Delete last position from keystore when finished playingBrian C. Lane1+3-0
2014-12-29 00:09Fix 1-off error in length of titles arrayBrian C. Lane1+1-1
2014-12-28 15:12Add support for using a keystoreBrian C. Lane4+117-21
2014-07-20 00:51Update install command for newer RokusBrian C. Lane1+1-1
2013-07-21 15:50nobif: Print movies without .bif filesBrian C. Lane1+22-0
2013-05-28 03:58Clean up handling of filenames with spacesBrian C. Lane1+5-4
2013-05-28 01:57Update README for Version 3.0Brian C. Lane1+55-20
2013-05-28 01:34Change main function to mediaServerBrian C. Lane3+335-353
2013-05-28 01:29Cleanup new codeBrian C. Lane3+52-258
2013-05-27 21:51Add loading dialog and speed up MovieObjectsBrian C. Lane1+28-17
2013-05-27 18:45Add search screen and row updateBrian C. Lane2+109-22
2013-05-27 14:24Add Setup/search row and hook up setup screenBrian C. Lane1+36-5
2013-05-26 23:51Get default covers from serverBrian C. Lane1+2-2
2013-05-26 23:00Display the grid right after setting up the categoriesBrian C. Lane1+4-3
2013-05-26 22:56Change to scale-to-fit for coversBrian C. Lane1+1-0
2013-05-26 17:53Fix filename extension checkingBrian C. Lane1+7-7
2013-05-26 16:54Add remembering last playback timeBrian C. Lane1+16-7
2013-05-26 15:08Added time in breadcrumbBrian C. Lane1+29-1
2013-05-26 05:22First pass at gridScreenBrian C. Lane6+190-59
2011-11-15 05:42Added a couple error dialogsBrian C. Lane1+10-2
2011-11-15 05:42Remove printing raw XMLBrian C. Lane1+2-2
2011-11-15 04:55Change some debugging stringsBrian C. Lane1+3-2
2011-11-15 04:55Pass the return type back up from other dir typesBrian C. Lane1+1-1
2011-03-12 20:02Add function to find PosterUrlBrian C. Lane1+22-48
2011-02-19 23:02Change offset to 0Brian C. Lane1+1-1
2011-02-19 16:31Fix interval calculation and add offset to first imageBrian C. Lane1+9-10
2011-02-19 16:16Pulled from v1.0 tagBrian C. Lane1+172-0
2010-11-04 05:40Handle invalid server entries and bad directoriesBrian C. Lane5+75-23
2010-11-04 03:12Removed old filesBrian C. Lane5+0-805
2010-10-31 19:10Add episode playback and description textBrian C. Lane1+33-6
2010-10-30 15:37Added setup to directory listingsBrian C. Lane2+20-8
2010-10-30 14:18Fixed up READMEBrian C. Lane1+22-13
2010-10-30 04:46Set StreamFormat from the file extension or default to mp4Brian C. Lane1+13-4
2010-10-30 03:30Added .bif file checkingBrian C. Lane1+7-0
2010-10-30 03:19Added basic video playbackBrian C. Lane1+52-2
2010-10-26 14:59Add check for directories inside movie directoryBrian C. Lane1+7-3
2010-10-26 14:34Add skeleton movie view with arced portrait displayBrian C. Lane2+67-11
2010-10-26 05:20Added checking for images for the category screenBrian C. Lane1+36-16
2010-10-25 00:25Basic main loop is runningBrian C. Lane4+97-161
2010-10-25 00:08Added a joinString function to build paths withBrian C. Lane1+21-0
2010-10-24 21:37Basic category screen display is running.Brian C. Lane1+47-5
2010-10-17 14:04Abstracted file list function to handle video, songs, photosBrian C. Lane1+11-8
2010-10-16 05:15Added sort (case insensitive) of the listBrian C. Lane1+6-1
2010-10-16 04:38Added filtering out video filesBrian C. Lane1+45-3
2010-10-15 14:19App fires up and gets initial directory listingBrian C. Lane3+9-10
2010-10-15 14:16Renamed DirParser to getDirectoryListingBrian C. Lane1+0-0
2010-10-15 14:14Add error checks to getDirectoryListingBrian C. Lane1+14-8
2010-10-15 04:27Cleaning up subroutine namesBrian C. Lane5+38-42
2010-10-15 04:16Moved checkServerUrl to its own module, added forceEditBrian C. Lane2+55-45
2010-10-15 01:20Preparing v2.0 -- no custom serverBrian C. Lane75+256-5063
2010-09-08 01:46Add PIL package to tornado.pipBrian C. Lane1+1-0
2010-05-10 04:44Adding some clarifications to the README file.Brian C. Lane1+7-0
2010-04-14 11:44Add delete of media sourcesBrian C. Lane1+24-0
2010-04-14 10:42Add user deletionBrian C. Lane1+16-5
2010-04-14 10:19Add delete of media itemsBrian C. Lane2+21-10
2010-04-14 08:57Adding delete confirmation and POST code. Includes the xsrf tokenBrian C. Lane5+48-3
2010-04-14 07:24Fixed stray div entry in mediaedit that was causing the update button to be hidden with the HD info.Brian C. Lane1+4-4
2010-04-14 06:58Shuffeling around fieldset and form tags.Brian C. Lane1+3-6
2010-04-14 05:12Add display of local system's external IP addressBrian C. Lane2+12-4
2010-04-01 14:18Fixed typo in READMEBrian C. Lane1+1-1
2010-03-27 05:16Removed TED artwork imagesBrian C. Lane24+0-0
2010-03-27 05:16Changed top bar to black gradient and removed TED LogoBrian C. Lane4+0-0
2010-03-27 05:02Changed TED Logos to a film stripBrian C. Lane4+0-0
2010-03-19 15:47Add .bif files to media entries when scanning source directoriesBrian C. Lane1+28-1
2010-03-19 05:48Offset ffmpeg by 7 secondsBrian C. Lane1+1-1
2010-03-19 04:03Add big height based on video aspect ratioBrian C. Lane1+7-2
2010-03-19 03:40Change video sizes to tuplesBrian C. Lane1+3-2
2010-03-19 03:27Strip of the 1st image generated by ffmpegBrian C. Lane1+1-0
2010-03-18 05:13Add the capability to serve up .bif filesBrian C. Lane2+49-27
2010-03-14 06:17Changed path to the player for the Roku MakefileBrian C. Lane1+1-1
2010-03-16 04:13Fix video format with makebif.pyBrian C. Lane1+2-2
2010-03-14 18:00Cleaned up some debug output and commentsBrian C. Lane2+3-6
2010-03-13 16:22Add per-use resume playback supportBrian C. Lane5+117-8
2010-03-07 02:21Added firewall rule to direct port 80 traffic to port 8888 so that all of the API calls work.Brian C. Lane1+14-0
2010-03-06 19:19Merge branch 'localtest' of wyatt.home:projs/hmsBrian C. Lane1+1-1
2010-03-06 19:18Fixed typo in genre list generation.Brian C. Lane1+1-1
2010-03-06 18:49Added some package details and install example for rpm based Linux systems.Brian C. Lane1+10-3
2010-03-06 18:13Limit XML description string to 250 characters.Brian C. Lane1+1-1
2010-03-06 15:19Added GPL v2 licenseBrian C. Lane2+481-0
2010-03-05 06:12Added editing of User information and avatars Removed user avatar edit from users page Added initial avatar to user add form Updated docs to include installing PILBrian C. Lane4+167-21
2010-03-05 04:38Added editing of Media SourcesBrian C. Lane2+85-0
2010-03-05 04:00Added library.db to .gitignoreBrian C. Lane1+1-0
2010-03-05 03:59Working on documentationBrian C. Lane1+44-0
2010-02-27 20:03Output a startup string with the port numberBrian C. Lane1+3-0
2010-02-27 17:00Initial import from mercurialBrian C. Lane95+6559-0