PICprg is programmer software for Microchip PIC programmers. It is designed to work with any of the PC parallel port types of programers for the PIC16C84 processors. It features a very flexible configuration menu where you can set the parallel port pin for each function, and test them. Setup is easy and only requires a voltmeter. It includes a user friendly setup menu, memory dump screen with hex display.

You should also read my Linux Journal article article describing how picprg works.

For more information on PIC programming hardware see my mirror of David Tait's excellent piclinks page from 1999.

/images/picprg/picprg.main.gif /images/picprg/picprg.config.gif /images/picprg/picprg.display.gif
  • Linux
  • ncurses
  • Parallel port PIC programmer hardware
Current Release
Release Notes
  • 2.1 fixes a couple of things:
    • Error setting the config register (non-RC osc. wouldn't work)
    • Error and Confusion with Intel 16 file format cleared up. It now will read Intel 16 and 8m files automatically.
    • Added display of addresses as they are being read, written, and verified
    • Added support for no-color mode (-m switch or automatic detection)
  • v2.2 fixes problems with programmers that use open collector outputs, like the PIC-1 from ITUtech.
  • v2.3 Yes, after years of waiting the new release of PICprg is here. There really isn't anything special, except that it now works with Linux kernel versions 2.2.x and 2.4.x -- Thanks go to Lee Olsen for providing the direction for these improvements.