Conway's Game of Life with go-sdl2
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -6,4 +6,19 @@ This implementation uses a [SDL2 Go library]( * Supports plaintext pattern files like those from the [Life Lexicon]( * Hit 'h' to display they key help on the console while it is running. * Pass '-help' on the cmdline to see the available options. +* Pass '-empty' to start with an empty world, this is useful when combined with '-server' which normally starts + with a random seed. +== Server + +Passing '-server' will listen to port 3051 for pattern files to be POSTed to it. This supports the same formats +as the cmdline -pattern argument (Life 1.05 and plain text). You can easily send it a pattern file using curl like +this: + + curl --data-binary @./examples/ + +== Building + +Run `go build` + +The only dependency is on the [SDL2 Go library](