Reliable Wireless Temperatures

The temperature sensors that I use to drive the freezer graph are in my garage, which doesn't have an easy way to run wires to the server room. I have a WRT54GL running DD-WRT configured as a bridge to the rest of my network. The problem with this is that the connection isn't always reliable. I used to have a simple script that read the temps and fed them to my main mysql server, but the connection would frequently drop and it would lose the temperature data.

Hygrosens Python Library

Hygrosens manufactures a number of sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, light level, pressure. Their devices use a common serial data format for a wide variety of sensors, include 1-wire sensors from Dallas. This library reads the output from Hygrosens devices and passes it to a calling function as a hash. I have included an example that outputs the readings in human readable format, and another that stores the readings into a MySQL database.