SharePics for iPhone

SharePics is a simple application that uses Bluetooth to share pictures between two iPhone or iPod Touch (2nd gen) devices. You can also take pictures using the app and share them immediately. There is no need for a wireless access point or even a 3G connection. You can select your pictures from the iPhone album, or take a new photo with the camera and send it to your friend.

/images/sharepics/Screenshot-2009.12.05-14.31.03.png /images/sharepics/Screenshot-2009.11.22-13.29.40.png /images/sharepics/Screenshot-2009.11.22-13.30.20.png /images/sharepics/Screenshot-2009.11.22-13.30.20.png /images/sharepics/Screenshot-2009.11.22-13.31.01.png /images/sharepics/Screenshot-2009.11.22-13.31.34.png

Support If you have comments, suggestions or need help with the application please send an email to bcl at this domain.

  • iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Bluetooth
Release Notes
  • v1.0 Initial release