WZON T-Shirts

I'm not sure what made me think of these today, but I did a couple of Google searches to see if I could track down any more of these shirts. The only one I could find is the Creep shirt. There seems to be a lack of info on them on the web, so I'm going to help fix that. Stephen King owns a couple of radio stations in Maine, one is WZON and back in the mid 80's the Stephen King newsletter had advertisements for these t-shirts. As a loyal constant reader it was my duty to buy them, and I think these were the only ones offered. I wore these in rotation with my Bloom County t-shirts all through high school. They're a little worn, but really in much better shape than some of the shirts I have from places like Cafe Press.

WZON Creep Shirt (Front) WZON Creep Shirt (Back) WZON Skull (Front) WZON Skull (Back) WZON Shirt