SharePics Rejected by Apple!

So I got my first rejection from the App Store today. According to their email it was rejected because - we cannot post your application because it appears to include features that resemble Polariod photographs. Polaroid has previously objected to other applications that include features that resemble Polaroid photographs, and believes that such features infringe its rights.

Say what? Now, I'm the first to admit that my icon is a bit simple. But it seems like a reach for Polaroid to be able to claim that all black squares on white rectangles are infringing on their rights. And Apple did suggest that you use distinctive colors and a strong outline to promote user recognition. Here are some other screenshots from the app:

/images/sharepics/old-icon.png /images/sharepics/Screenshot-2009.12.05-14.31.03.png /images/sharepics/Screenshot-2009.11.22-13.29.40.png /images/sharepics/Screenshot-2009.11.22-13.30.20.png /images/sharepics/Screenshot-2009.11.22-13.30.20.png /images/sharepics/Screenshot-2009.11.22-13.31.01.png /images/sharepics/Screenshot-2009.11.22-13.31.34.png